Computex 2007: ASUS Crosslink, MSI Dual Radeon 2600 Pro

MSI RX2600: Dual Radeon 2600 Pro Graphics Card

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At the MSI booth, we had the opportunity to take a close look at the RX2600 Geminium, a dual GPU Radeon 2600Pro graphics card! It has a clock speed of 800MHz and memory speed of 1400MHz, which 1GB of DDR3. The card supports HDMI and has uses heat pipe technology, but we were not able to see if it needs active cooling on the back of the card. MSI said that although the card is currently two Radeon 2600 Pro graphics cards in one, with a little extra cooling, a model with two Radeon 2600XT chips would be possible.

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Also on display was MSI’s RX2600XT Diamond, Radeon 2600XT card from MSI. The RX2600XT has a core clock of 800MHz, 256MB of DDR4 memory, and a memory clock of 2200MHz.

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Surprisingly, we could not find any X38 based motherboards at the MSI booth. But the company did display two G33 based motherboards, the G33 Platinum and the G33 Neo.


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