Computex 2007: ASUS Crosslink, MSI Dual Radeon 2600 Pro

ASUS X38 and RD790 Motherboards

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We were also able to take a look at a few ASUS motherboards, including their ASUS P5E-VM D0, an Intel Q35 based Micro-ITX motherboard. Their P35 variant, the P5K Deluxe was also on display. ASUS is also coming out with an Intel G35 based motherboard, the P5E-VM, which like the P5E-VM D0, is based on a Micro-ITX form factor.

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Also on display was the ASUS P5E3 WS Professional, based on the Intel X38 chipset and with the ICR9R southbridge. The P5E3 WS Professional has an interesting heatsink / heat pipe design, covering the CPU and Memory voltage regulators and the northbridge, but not connected to the southbridge


On the AMD front, ASUS was showing off their RD790 based M3A32-MVP Deluxe. As you can tell, the M3A32-MVP Deluxe looks to be the new flagship board for ASUS, with the board featuring a unique heatsink heatpipe design that actually surrounds your memory modules and helps to dissipate their heat. It will be interesting to see the types of memory overclocks that will be possible when the M3A32-MVP Deluxe hits store shelves later this year.

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ASUS was also showing off their full line of graphics cards, including their dual slot Radeon 2600XT Graphics card. It has 256MB of DDR4 memory, a GPU clock of 800MHz and memory clock of 1.1GHz.

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