Chaintech 7NJS and Leadtek K7NCR18DPro

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The Chaintech 7NJS Zenith & Leadtek K7NCR18D-Pro Motherboards
Nvidia's Nforce2 Chipset pushes out Dual Channel DDR

By, Tom Laverriere
December 16,  2002


Now we'll move on to the more exciting benchmark, 3D Gaming performance.  We used the latest versions of Commanche 4 and Quake 3 Arena.  Quake 3 may be a little outdated, but still gives a good idea of memory bandwidth performance in a system.  All tests were run at default and overclocked settings.


Quake 3 and Comanche 4
OpenGL and Direct 3D Gaming Performance

Here the edge goes to the Chaintech, but not by much.  With numbers this high we're only seeing about a 2% lead by the Chaintech at the DDR364 setting. For users deciding if now is a good time to go with an AMD platform, we can see these numbers competing with some of the best Pentium 4 has to offer.  RAMBUS scores are over 270 fps, but with better memory installed, we could probably reach those levels.


Comanche 4 testing crowns a new leader, the Leadtek.  These are very respectable numbers and are some of the best yet we've seen from an AMD platform.  This is great performance from a chipset and memory technology that costs significantly less than any Pentium 4 platform out there. 

Let's see how things hold up with a leading edge gaming engine.

Unreal Tournament 2003 and The Ratings

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