CES 2012 Roll-Up: HH Features From CES

Zotac: Motherboards and ZBOXes

Our coverage of the latest technology on display as CES continues today, with some goodies from Zotac. In addition to offering some hot graphics cars, Zotac has also been innovating in the small form factor and mini-ITX motherboard markets, especially over the last couple of years. As such, it should come as no surprise that Zotac had a number of their diminutive ZBOX systems on display, along with a handful of new / upcoming mini-ITX motherboards.

Zotac ZBOX Nano ID61 Plus

Two new ZBOXes were on display in Zotac’s suite, more specifically, the ZBOX Nano ID82 Plus and the ZBOX ID61 Plus, both of which are based on Intel platforms.

The ZBOX Nano ID61 is a Sandy Bridge-based machine featuring an Intel Celeron 857 1.2GHz dual-core processor with integrated Intel HD Graphics. The device looks much like Zotac’s previous ZBOX Nanos, but the ID61 plus adds a combo analogue / mini-optical output to the design, as well as an SDXC card reader. Zotac expects the ID61 to hit the market sometime in the February / March timeframe.

Zotac ZBOX ID82

The ZBOX ID82 is similar in appearance to other "non-Nano" ZBOXes, but is built around a more powerful Intel Core i3-2330M (also with Intel HD Graphics) and features dual SO-DIMM slots. The faster CPU and dual-channel memory configuration will result in increased performance. Zotac expects the ID82 to arrive sometime in the February / March timeframe as well.

Zotac Z77 / H77 Motherboards For LGA1155 Ivy Bridge Processors

As was the case with other motherboard makers, it wasn’t too hard to spot some Intel Z77 / H77-based motherboards from Zotac at CES. Details are scarce at this point, but the three motherboards you see here all feature LGA1155 sockets and next-gen Intel chipsets for upcoming Ivy Bridge processors (although, they’ll be Sandy Bridge compatible as well). The board with the POST code LED error reporter is based on the upcoming Z77 chipset, while the other two both sport the H77. No word yet on pricing or availability of these boards, but sometime in late Q1 or Q2 would be a good bet, and the layouts and I/O configurations may change as well.

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