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XFX and Coolermaster

XFX didn't have a traditional booth at CES, but they did have a display setup in the enormous World Series of Gaming tent that was just outside of the convention center.


XFX was showing off their brand new passively cooled Fatal1ty GeForce 7600 GT. The card sports the same large heatsink with heat-pipes as their GeForce 7950 GT, and as you'd expect its overclocked right out of the box. Actually, there will be two Fatal1ty-branded GeForce 7600 GT cards available from XFX.  One of them will feature a 560MHz GPU and 256MB of memory clocked at 1.4GHz, and the other will be clocked at an impressive 650MHz / 1.6GHz. Despite being passively cooled, at those higher-speeds, the XFX Fatal1ty GeForce 7600 GT should be the fastest 7600 card on the market.


The folks at CoolerMaster had a wide range of cooling products (heatsinks, fans, etc.) on display, along with a number of innovative enclosures. The one that really caught our eye though was the CM Media 280. As its name implies, the Media 280 is targeted at Media Center and HTPC users, but what makes it unique is its modular design. The case can be mounted horizontally or vertically, it supports standard ATX hardware, and CoolerMaster plans to release VFD and touch-screen LCD displays that can be mounted in the modular bay at the front.

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