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LG Goes BIG and Seagate

We stopped dead in our tracks while passing by LG's booth. Not only was the company showcasing a slew of gorgeous HDTVs, but they had some interesting Blu-Ray / HD-DVD products on display as well.



We thought LG's combination HD-DVD / Blu-Ray internal drive would be of interest to the videophiles and storage buffs among you. The images at the top are of LG's Blu-Ray / HD-DVD internal Super Multi Blue drive.  And if you look close at the second picture, you can see the dual-laser pick-up assemblies which give the drive its broad compatibility.  Representatives from LG told us the drive will retail for $1199 and it should be available in the last week of February. They also had a set-top combo drive on display, as well as a nice 32" wide-screen HDTV, shown to scale alongside our very own Sean "Pelly" Pelletier. Just kiddin' folks!  That's actually a 102" LCD Sean's standing next to. :)


As you would expect, Seagate's booth was loaded with various products that all featured Seagate and Maxtor built storage technologies.  High speed network attached storage (NAS), personal servers, enterprise-class storage products, and high-capacity, easy to use personal backup solutions were most prominently displayed. One of the more interesting pieces of information to come from Seagate at this year's CES, however, was the company's announcement that 1TB and larger hard drives would debut this year, featuring perpendicular recording technology.  We can't wait for that.  In this day and age of digital music, movies, and pictures, you can never have enough storage.

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