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AMD and Voodoo

AMD/ATI made a couple of interesting announcements and showcased a handful of new products in their booth at CES, including the new ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner.



AMD talked about their "Better By Design" program, which is meant to eliminate some of the confusion at retail regarding AMD's open mobile-platform that, unlike Intel's Centrino, features graphics, chipsets, and wireless networking tech from a variety of partners. The decals that will be affixed to AMD-based mobile platforms will showcase the chips used in the machine, and consolidate the branding in a single decal. AMD also talked about their plan to standardize an open SFF platform dubbed, DTX. AMD's ultimate goal with DTX is easy interoperability with SFF designs.

ATI/AMD's ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner was also on display in AMD's booth. The TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner finally allows users to access protected content from digital cable providers though the use of standard CableCard technology. For now though, the ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner will only be sold as part of a bundle with a complete system that features all of the necessary DRM technology to placate the cable providers who are worried about user's stealing protected HD digital content. Hopefully, this won't be the case forever.

Voodoo Computers had a small display that was part of Hewlett Packard's booth. Voodoo didn't make any major announcements, but rather talked about their new-found resources that came by way of the merger with HP. In time, we're sure Raul and crew will have something exciting to talk about in both the desktop and mobile spaces, but CES 2007 wasn't the time or place to make any announcements. For now, you'll just have to gawk at the awesome OMEN.

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