AVADirect Mini Gaming PC: Titan in a Small Package

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Batman: Arkham City and Hitman: Absolution

Batman: Arkham City follows the well-received Batman: Arkham Asylum and brings with it some new challenges for Batman and better graphics for us. Hitman Absolution is one of the newest games in our benchmark pool and is murder on most gaming PCs. Both games offer DX11 code paths and advanced graphics technologies, including tessellation.

Batman: Arkham City
DX11 Gaming Performance

We have few numbers for Batman: Arkham City, so please bear with us as we build up our data pool. Luckily, we can compare it to the Digital Storm Bolt, another SFF, though one that lacked a Titan when we reviewed it. We turned on Nvidia PhysX and cranked the detail to Very High.

In most games, systems perform very differently at the three resolutions we test. In the case of Batman: Arkham City, the opposite is true: the difference between the lowest and highest resolutions is often fewer than 10 fps. The Mini Gaming PC and its Titan are no different, with a 7-fps difference from 1024 x 768 to 1920 x 1080. However, the system put up much higher frame rates than previous systems overall.

Hitman: Absolution
DX11 Gaming Performance

Our final game benchmark of the review is of Hitman, the blockbuster game that follows an assassin as he finds himself become a target. Here we have no other systems to compare it to compare it to as yet.

Given the configurations of the two systems, you’d expect the Mini Gaming PC to have much higher frame rates, and it did. We’re putting the two together so you give you an idea of how the Titan performs relative to a more affordable card like the GTX 660 used in the Potenza.

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