AMD FirePro V3900: Pro Performance, Bargain Price

Cinebench 11.5

Cinebench R11.5 64bit
Synthetic OpenGL Rendering Performance

Cinebench R11.5

Cinebench R11.5 is an OpenGL 3D rendering performance test based on Cinema 4D from Maxon. The benchmark goes through a series of tests that measures the performance of the graphics card under real world circumstances. Within Cinebench, graphics card testing makes use of a complex 3D scene depicting a car chase which measures the performance in OpenGL mode. Results are given in frames per second; the higher the number, the faster the graphics card.

We typically focus on Cinebench's CPU tests, but the application contains an OpenGL benchmark as well. Before the benchmark runs, viewport output is compared against a pre-calculated image -- if the viewport's version differs significantly from the pre-calculated version, the benchmark won't run. In this case, both the V3800 and V3900 returned a match rate of 99.3%, which is within acceptable variation.

There's no contest here -- the FirePro V3900 is 79% faster than the V3800, while the Radeon HD 6870 is 80% faster than the V3900.

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