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For a device roughly the size of a credit card, the TV Wonder 600 USB is surprisingly versatile and allows you to do a lot of different things to the device. First, it is a DVR (digital video recorder), you can schedule the device to record your favorite television shows up to two weeks in advance, without paying the monthly fees that TiVo and cable providers charge. Second, it is both an analog and digital TV tuner, allowing you to watch the TV already coming into your house, and the digital programming that is broadcast from local television stations. It also supports over the air high definition broadcasts, so if local stations broadcast television in HD, you can pick it up as well. Lastly, it is an analog video input device, allowing you to plug in S-Video or RCA feeds and capture their respective video source.



Because it is so small and can do so much, and should be available for about $100 in the coming weeks, the TV Wonder 600 USB will likely appeal to a large segment of the notebook owning population. We can envision business travelers that have long layovers at the airport setting up the TV Wonder 600 USB and watching local television stations. People without any room for television on their desk and only a notebook PC are another potential audience. So are those of us that don’t have TiVo but want DVR functionality. Desktop PC users are also in the mix, especially if they own a notebook and want to swap the tuner back and forth, something only possible with a USB 2.0 tuner like the TV Wonder 600.


ATI has always had a strong multimedia product line-up, and with the addition of the TV Wonder 600 USB, it will only get stronger. The device is small, works great, and is packed with the core features you would expect from a high end desktop television tuner. The installation of the device is a snap, and although ATI has done an excellent job with their Catalyst MediaC enter multimedia software suite, the TV Wonder 600 USB really shines when coupled with Windows Vista’s Windows Media Center. Image quality, both of standard definition and high definition, left us impressed.

  • Easy To Use
  • Very Good Image Quality
  • Includes Remote
  • Vista and XP Compatibility
  • Single Tuner
  • Blocks nearby USB ports when not using an extension cable

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