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Windows XP Installation:

For Windows XP users, ATI bundles the same full version release of the Catalyst Media Center we saw with the ATI TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe. After installing the Catalyst Media Center suite with the ATI driver disk, the CMC boots up and guides you through the configuration of the TV Wonder 600 USB.

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The first step in the configuration is setting up the type of source, analog or digital, you will be connecting to your new TV Wonder. Afterward, the setup wizard automatically scans and lists the channels that are available to watch given your connection. Next, the software automatically downloads the two week television schedule of the zip code you are in, which is needed to set up scheduled recordings of your favorite shows.

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Once set up, the CMC interface is very clean and easy to use. You can watch live TV in the TV section, watch DVD movies in the DVD section, listen to local radio in the Radio section, and configure your tuner in settings. 



Windows Vista Installation:

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Installing the TV Wonder 600 USB in Windows Vista is very easy as well. Once the WDM driver installation is complete, you simply launch Windows Media Center and then click Setup when you are prompted by a New Tuner Found message.

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Windows Media Center tests all possible TV signals and automatically configures the type of TV input your tuner is using. We initially set up our TV Wonder 600 USB with digital OTA input, with Windows Media Center automatically testing the signal strength of the various channels available in my area. After clicking next, you are able to watch live TV right on your system.


The TV Wonder 600 USB also supports DVR functionality, allowing you to schedule program recordings for television shows up to two weeks into the future. After prompting you for your zip code, Windows MediaC enter and Catalyst Media Center simply download your local TV schedule, allowing you to pick and chose the shows you want to record.


Overall, installation of the TV Wonder 600 USB was very simple. After getting Catalyst Media Center up and running, configuring the tuner through the integrated setup wizard was very easy. Windows Vista installation was also fast and painless, with Windows Media Center simply recognizing a new tuner was installed in your system and automatically setting it up for you.

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