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As mentioned in our TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe review, we said that image quality with PC TV Tuners is very subjective and can depend on how good the source of your material is. For example, the cable signal in our area is relatively weak. Because the coax cable signal is spread out throughout the lab, the power of the signal at each end is degraded, which can lead to noisy or unclear pictures. This noise is sometimes hard to notice on standard television sets, but easily becomes apparent when viewing the picture on a high resolution computer monitor. With that said, we took a notebook with the TV Wonder 600 USB connected right to it to a coax signal amplifier to gain access to the best possible signal for our analog cable screen captures. The digital antenna screen captures are taken using TV Wonder 600’s bundled antenna. The images shown below were running in full screen mode under ATI’s Catalyst Media Center on an ASUS Z96JS notebook.

Analog Cable

small_a1.jpg     small_a2.jpg    small_a3.jpg

small_a4.jpg     small_a5.jpg    small_a6.jpg


Digital Antenna

small_d1.jpg     small_d2.jpg    small_d3.jpg

small_d4.jpg     small_d5.jpg    small_d6.jpg


Digital Antenna - HD

small_j1.jpg     small_j3.jpg   small_h4.jpg

small_h7.jpg     small_h8.jpg    small_h9.jpg

Even at full screen mode, the TV Wonder 600 USB delivered excellent standard definition image quality as can be seen by the pictures above. The picture from the digital antenna was a bit clearer than the analog coax cable, but the analog cable was impressive in its own right. However, most impressive of all was when we found HD programming on our OTA digital antenna. We caught a few minutes of both Jay Leno and David Letterman’s late night talk shows, with both shows looking excellent in HD. The HD content on a high resolution screen just looks great, so good in fact that it makes watching the great quality standard definition content a little less dazzling.

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