ATI Radeon HD 5830 Review: Filling The Gap

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FarCry 2

FarCry 2
DirectX Gaming Performance

FarCry 2

Like the original, FarCry 2 is one of the more visually impressive games to be released on the PC to date.  Courtesy of the Dunia game engine developed by Ubisoft, FarCry 2's game-play is enhanced by advanced environment physics, destructible terrain, high resolution textures, complex shaders, realistic dynamic lighting, and motion-captured animations.  We benchmarked the graphics cards in this article with a fully patched version of FarCry 2, using one of the built-in demo runs recorded in the "Ranch" map.  The test results shown here were run at various resolutions with 4X AA enabled.

The results from the FarCry 2 benchmark look very much like those from Enemy Territory: Quake Wars a few pages back. Here, both GeForces and the Radeon HD 5850 pull well ahead of the new Radeon HD 5830, which was only a few percentage points faster than the 5770--once again, due to the cards' similar pixel fillrate.

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