ATi Radeon 9600 Pro Overclocked!

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The ATi Radeon 9600 Pro
Overclocked & Ready To Rock...

By - Marco Chiappetta
April 18, 2003

Benchmarks With 3DMark03
The Controversial Synthetic DX9 Benchmark

9600 PRO            9600 PRO OC          9500 PRO              9700 PRO

The performance gains we saw with 3DMark03 were equally as impressive.  At default speeds the Radeon 9600 Pro posted an overall score 3180, but when overclocked the overall score jumped to an even 4000, a 26% increase.  Incidentally, the overclocked 9600 Pro surged past the 9500 Pro as well, but it was still 679 points behind the 9700 Pro.  Looking at the detailed results shows measurable increases in every one of the "game" tests that comprise the 3DMark03 suite. There is something interesting to note in the 3DMark03 tests.  When the Radeon 9600 Pro was overclocked, the CPU score shot way up.

Head-to-Head / Performance With Comanche 4
Looks Like Recent New Footage

Tests with Comanche 4 with the card overclocked, again show the Radeon 9600 pro outpacing the 9500 Pro at 1024x768, regardless of what settings were used.  When we raised the resolution to 1600x1200, the 9600 Pro beat the 9500 Pro when AA and Aniso filtering were disabled, but once those features were turned on the 9500 Pro took over.

Some Quake 3 & UT2003 Benchmarks 

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