ATi RADEON 9500 Pro Performance Analysis

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ATI RADEON 9500 Pro Performance Analysis
Seriously Powerful Mainstream Graphics

By: Dave Altavilla
November 27, 2002


We'll finish up here with a final round of UT 2003 benchmarking, only this time we'll enable 4X and 6X AA for the Radeons and 4X AA for the GeForce 4s.  Additionally, we've set 8X and 16X Aniso Filtering for the Radeons and 8X for the GeForce 4s.

Unreal Tournament 2003
Turning up the heat one more notch









With like AA and Aniso Filtering settings, the Radeon 9500 Pro is 44 - 57% faster than even the GeForce 4 Ti 4600, in these two tests.  We're not sure how else we could slice or dice this for you.  It's fairly easy to digest in any scenario.  The Radeon 9500 Pro wins hands down by a huge margin, in this fantastic new First Person Shooter from Epic.  We'll sound that GeForce FX bell again.  Time to get a substitute into the ring NVIDIA, ATi is dealing a knock-out here.


We should underscore the fact that the testing you've seen here today, with the Radeon 9500 Pro, is representative of current game engine technology and only a hint at the capabilities of the product, when DX9 driven game engines are released.  For now however, regardless of game engine technology, ATi has delivered yet another winning combination with respect to the all important price / performance ratio, that so many consumers base their buying decisions on.  In short, if you are looking to throw down $200 or so on a new graphics card, this Christmas season, you should look no further than the Radeon 9500 Pro.  Yes, we feel that strongly about it.  Until the GeForce FX hits the streets, sometime in Q1, there is nothing out there right now that can compete, dollar for dollar.  Additionally, NVIDIA has only announced the high end version of their new GeForce.  So, it may be some time after that initial launch, that we see something from them that competes at the Radeon 9500 Pro's price point.

Speaking of which, the Radeon 9500 Pro is targeted to have a MSRP of $199 ($219 with a $20 mail in rebate), at the time of this launch today.  You can almost see those street prices falling, as this card gets out in large volumes to the retail channel.  ATi today scores another big win with the introduction of their new Radeon 9500 Pro.  For the $200 price range, this card is easily the best out their on the market, with better image quality settings, features and performance, than anything in it's class. 

We're giving the Radeon 9500 Pro a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of...



And for it's great price/performance ratio, killer frame rates, and future proofed DX9 support, we're giving the Radeon 9500 Pro our coveted Editor's Choice Award!



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