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ATi's All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro
When You've Got To Have It All

By: Dave Atlavilla
June 9, 2003


The Card and The Bundle
Pristine Layout, Solid Quality and Lots Of Extras

As we noted earlier, the layout on this card is super tight.  The heatsink is a different shape than that which is found on a Radeon 9800 Pro but the surface area is comparable.  It does a decent job of cooling the VPU, however, we found our card to run pretty hot over all.  Although the heat is not excessive, the TV Tuner section on this card also adds a fair amount of warmth to the overall assembly.  Regardless, we found our card ran very stable within spec and actually overclocked respectably as well.  We hit a stable 415MHz Core and 710MHz Memory speed, without lock-ups or artifacts.


The included bundle ATi provides with this card, offers all you'll need to take advantage of the card's capabilities and then some.  Included are full release copies of Morrowind Elder Scrolls, a fantastic looking game from Bethesda Softworks (screen shots coming up!), as well as Matchware Mediator 7 and Pinnacle Studio 8, an excellent video editing package.  The purple colored break-out box and associated cabling ATi packs in with the AIW R9800 Pro, allows for S-Video and Composite Video and Audio input, for capture in the card's on board "Theater 200" video controller.  This setup gave us the ability to easily take an S-Video output from our Digital Camcorder (or any other video device) and capture MPEG or MPEG2 movies on our system, with a wide array of quality levels ranging all the way up to DVD quality 720X480 capture.  Of course you can also capture direct from the TV Tuner signal as well.

The Remote Wonder
The Right Way To Run The Clicker

ATi's "Remote Wonder" has been shipping with many of their All In Wonder solutions for a long time now.  It is easily the most powerful, longest range remote control solution for the PC currently, that money can buy.  We've showcased this device in several other All-In-Wonder articles here at HotHardware but for those who have missed our coverage, this remote is not like any you have ever used before, most likely.  The Remote Wonder is an RF (Radio Frequency) remote and as such, does not need to have a "line of site" to its companion USB transmitter (pictured above).  With a range of about 30 feet, this remote works through walls and the transmitter can be easily tossed behind your PC case, out of site, yet still function perfectly.


The Remote Wonder's software suite also includes mouse functionality, for full control of your desktop.  This function alone allows you to convert your PC into a true multi-functional and Multimedia device.  A PC with this installation can be operated from the comfort and convenience of your living room sofa, as you surf the web, play DVDs, and music.  Add to this a companion cordless mouse and keyboard and you'll be completely cable free.  Finally, there are a number of plug-ins available for popular Music, Video and Multimedia players, that can be installed for use with the Remote Wonder.  WinAmp, Windows Media Player and PowerDVD are just a few of the third party applications that have Remote Wonder plug-ins available.  You can take a spin by the Remote Wonder site, for a list of all plug-ins currently available.


Multimedia Center 8.5, EasyLook and Bundled Software


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