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Atek Super Mini Optical Mouse
Good Things Come in Small Packages...

By Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta
March 27, 2001


Setup, Quality and Installation
Ummm...Plug it in!

Installation couldn't possibly be any easier, all you have to do is plug it in.  Have your Windows CD handy may need a few files from it.  On our Compaq Presario laptop running Windows ME, the mouse was recognized and functioning properly within seconds.

Initially, because of it's small size, we thought the Super Mini Optical Mouse may be a bit fragile, but we were wrong.  The shell of the mouse is made of a tough Polycarbonate material, instead of more common ABS plastic, and the cord is reinforced with a know the same material used for bulletproof vests!  During testing we did drop the Super Mini a few times (both intentionally and by accident!) and it never skipped a beat or exhibited any ill effects whatsoever.  We don't have any sophisticated methods of measuring the force involved in our "drop tests", but we will say that you shouldn't have to worry about everyday wear and tear killing the Super Mini prematurely.  This is a portable device and was designed to handle the risks involved... 

General Performance
It's a Matter of Personal Preference...

The performance of the Atek Super Mini Optical Mouse is tough to gauge without some sort of benchmark.  We can say that because of it's optical tracking and higher resolution than our built in touch-pad, there was an appreciable difference.  With the Super Mini, precise mousing was finally a reality...even while using the wrist wrest on the laptop as our mousing surface.

This is not an actual picture of our laptop (we stole this shot from Atek's site), but it does show the exact situation that we used our mouse in.  Even with the relatively small space provided by the wrist wrest, the Super Mini functioned perfectly.

Because of it's small size, it does take a little time to get used to the Super Mini.

As you can see, you have to hold the mouse between your thumb and middle finger, while using your index finger to click.  For me personally, this position was not very uncomfortable at all and I got used to the "feel" of the Super Mini within minutes. Although the Super Mini isn't very ergonomically designed, it was still felt comfortable to use during prolonged sessions.

Overall we were impressed with the Atek Super Mini Optical Mouse.  The product was designed to be compact, portable, durable, accurate and compatible...Atek has delivered in all these areas.  The Super Mini improved the computing experience on our laptop and we'll be using it from this point forward.  If you've ever struggled with the touch-pad or "pencil eraser" on your laptop you owe it to yourself to give the Super Mini a try.  With an MSRP of $49 it is a bit pricey, but the frustration the Super Mini eliminated make it worth every penny.  We give the Atek Super Mini Optical Mouse a HotHardware Heat Meter rating of...

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