ASUS ZenWatch 2 Review: An Affordable Android Wear Smartwatch

ZenWatch 2 Software

ASUS uses the Android Wear OS for the ZenWatch 2. In order to make the ZenWatch 2 work with your phone, you’ll need to download the Android Wear app from the Google Play store. After installing the app on your phone, you’ll also need to pair the watch with the phone over Bluetooth. The entire pairing process took only a matter of minutes.

ZenWatch2 02

In addition to the Android Wear app, ASUS encourages you to install its own ASUS ZenWatch Manager app, which is also available in the Google Play Store. The ZenWatch Manager gives you access to additional features such as Find my phone, Find my watch, Unlock my phone, Cover to mute, a personalized watch face, and more.

ZenWatch2 03

In everyday use, we noticed some occasional lag in the ZenWatch 2, but it was very slight. We also noticed the pedometer wasn’t always very accurate. Sometimes, it would have a hard time sensing our steps and would miss the fact that we walked across the room. On another occasion, I “logged” over 200 steps while sitting on the bed folding laundry, so If you're looking to a smartwatch to be a fitness companion, the ZenWatch 2 may not be it.

ZenWatch2 05

With Google Now on board and the ZenWatch 2’s built-in microphone, you can perform many tasks on the watch using your voice, including sending a text message, checking the weather, checking traffic, setting reminders and alarms, playing music, answering calls, and much more.

ZenWatch2 09

By pressing and holding the ZenWatch 2’s button on the right side, you’ll get access to Hangouts, Settings, Flashlight, Agenda, Alarm, ASUS weather, Find my phone, Fit, FoneHelper, Google, Maps, Play Music, Skype, and a handful of others. Overall, we felt the interface was intuitive and relatively easy to use.

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