ASUS Zen AiO Pro Z240IC Review: 4K All-In-One With Guts And Glitz

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Power Consumption and Noise ASUS Zen AiO Pro

All-in-one designs are short on available real estate and they often don’t require as much power as desktop computers. Asus opted for a sizeable power brick to power the Zen AiO Pro. We tested the computer’s power draw by plugging it into a power meter at the outlet. Our measurements show the system’s power draw at idle and while under load.

power consumption asus zen aio pro

The Zen AiO Pro has a fairly typical idle power usage. Under load, it jumps quite a bit, but it's generally more efficient than the power consumption of most of the all-in-one’s we’ve tested previously.

A Note On Noise (Or Lack Thereof):

The Zen AiO Pro’s low fan hum won’t be a problem for most users. It’s as quiet as most laptops, which is to say that you can barely hear it in a silent room under normal conditions. In an office environment, the Zen AiO Pro’s whisper will melt completely into the background noise. 

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