ASUS V9999 Gamer Edition - GeForce 6800

Introduction To The V9999 Gamer Edition

ASUS is often considered one of the top manufacturers of motherboards, video cards, and other computer hardware. Along with a broad product line, the company has a strong reputation for making some of the highest-quality products available.  Furthermore, ASUS is one of the few companies that offers both NVIDIA- and ATI-based graphics cards, giving the enthusiast the broadest selection to choose from.

Today, we're going to look at the ASUS V9999 Gamer Edition, the latest offering based on the GeForce 6800 GPU.  With 12 pixel pipelines, increased clock speeds, and an elegant cooling solution, the V9999 stands out from the crowd.  ASUS went over the top with the V9999 Gamer Edition, offering a hefty collection of games, a USB camera, and several software packages to put the USB cam to good use.  ASUS certainly got creative with this one, so there is a lot to cover.  Let's get started.

Specifications Of The ASUS V9999 Gamer Edition - GeForce 6800
Powerful & Fast

Graphics Engine:
GeForce 6800 @ 350MHz

Video Memory:
256MB DDR3 @ 1 GHz (500MHz DDR)


Bus Standard
AGP 8X/4X/2X

Memory Interface
256-bit DDR3

Max Resolution
2,048 x 1,536

TV Output
S-VHS and Composite

DVI Output

VGA Output
Dual VGA (with adaptors)

Chipset Feature
•Superscalar GPU architecture
Delivers up to 8x the shading power of previous generation products for screaming gaming performance.
•NVIDIA CineFX™ 3.0 engine
Full support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 enables stunning and complex special effects.
•NVIDIA UltraShadow™ II technology
Enhances the performance of bleeding-edge games that feature complex scenes with multiple light sources and objects.
•NVIDIA High-Precision Dynamic-Range (HPDR) technology
NVIDIA HPDR sets new standards for image clarity and quality through floating point capabilities in shading, filtering, texturing, and blending.
•NVIDIA Intellisample™ 3.0 technology
The industry's fastest antialiasing delivers ultra realistic visuals at lightning fast speed.

ASUS Unique Feature
•High-Speed DDR3 memory interface and 10-layer PCB design provide over 25% better performance.
•ASUS GameFaceLive™
World first multiplayer audio and video chatting solution for PC game that gives you more face to face fun.
•ASUS VideoSecurityOnline™
Powerful utility for users to flexibly build their own security systems to monitor a specified location and detect any environmental change. Now it supports remote monitor function through Internet.
•Advanced and stylish blue LED thermal solution
All-new one-slot design to minimize both size and noise, stylish blue LED on the fansink accentuates the technology and futuristic feeling.
•High-quality webcam bundled
USB camera with 300KB resolution lets users enjoy GameFaceLive or Video SecurityOnline right out of the box.
•The Hottest 3D game bundled
Deus Ex- Invisible War

Models Available
•ASUS V9999 Gamer Edition/TD/256M
GF 6800 GPU, AGP 8X, DVI, TV out, 256MB DDR3

Cable/Adaptor Bundle
1. TV out adaptor
2. DVI-to-second VGA adaptor

Software Bundle
1. Free webcam (300KB resolution)
2. Deus Ex: Invisible War
3. Battle Engine Aquila
4. Gun Metal
5. 6 in 1 Game Pack
7. Media Show
8. ASUS Driver and Utilities


The V9999 Gamer Edition comes with a slew of free software, a USB camera, DVI-to-VGA adapter, and TV-Out cabling.  The main titles on the software side are Duex Ex: Invisible War and Gun Metal.  Although there are another seven titles to choose from, nothing new was included to show off the 6800's capabilities.  Additionally, Media Show and ASUS DVD XP were included to handle basic graphics editing and DVD playback.  The setup CD comes with WHQL-certified drivers, as well as custom ASUS drivers for use in conjunction with their Smart Doctor Utility.  Also included are ASUS GameFace Live and ASUS Video Security, both of which work with the 300KB color USB camera.  Oddly, ASUS is still bundling DirectX 9.0a with their setup CD even though DirectX 9.0b has been available for quite awhile and DirectX 9.0c has been recently released.


As we took a moment to take in all of the extra hardware and software that came with the V9999 Gamer Edition, we found ourselves rifling through the box like a little kid on Christmas morning.  Between the big presentation and the treats to back it up, the ASUS V9999 Gamer Edition grabs hold of your inner child and won't let go.  But we've only scratched the surface of the V9999; ASUS has a lot more in store for us.

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