ASUS S-presso Deluxe (S1-P111)

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Benchmarking - Doom 3 and Half-Life 2

Benchmarking with Doom 3 and Half-Life 2
Low-Res Gaming Test

Another way to measure CPU performance is to run a series of gaming benchmarks with low resolution settings.  When we reduce rendering resolution and effects detail on the graphics card, it drops the demand on the graphics subsystem tremendously, essentially taking it out of the equation.  This, in turn, means the overall scores are more representative of CPU and Memory performance, which is our focus in this review.

Like 3DMark05, the integrated graphics of the S-presso was not up to the task with Doom3.  Surprisingly, Half-Life did run, but as you can see, it was nothing to brag about.  With the GeForce 6800 in place, the two systems were close, with the S-presso falling a step behind in each case.  With Doom3, there was a 2 FPS differential while Half-Life 2 was closer to 4.5 FPS in favor of the AI7.  Overall, these differences would not be noticeable in real life usage.

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