ASUS MeMO Pad Smart 10, VivoTab Smart Compared

Camera and Battery Life

Conventional wisdom says that most people aren't going to use the rear-facing camera on their tablet very often, but is it true? While a smartphone is more convenient and a dedicated point-n-shoot typically takes higher quality photos, the sight of a parent snapping pictures at Little League game or Boy Scout outing isn't terribly uncommon in our experience.

The MeMO Pad Smart 10 features a 5MP rear-facing camera with auto-focus. It's not a fancy lens, nor does it have an LED flash, but it's there nonetheless. In stark contrast, ASUS talks up the 8MP rear-facing camera on the VivoTab Smart. It has a large F/2.2 aperture and backlit CMOS sensor, along with auto-focus and LED flash.

Here's a look at some sample pictures:


Pictures in the top were taken with the MeMO Pad Smart 10 and the bottom row with the VivoTab Smart. Right off the bat, we can see that both cameras struggle with glare. These were shot in early evening when the sun is still bright but not overbearing, yet the cameras still had trouble at certain angles.

When glare wasn't an issue, the VivoTab Smart was able to show it has the superior lens. You can especially see the difference in the third photo. The VivoTab produces deeper colors and catches more detail, making the MeMO Pad Smart 10's shots look washed out by comparison.

Battery Life

ASUS rates the battery life on the MeMO Pad Smart 10 at up to 8.5 hours courtesy of a 19Wh Li-polymer battery, and the VivoTab Smart 10 at up to 9.5 hours (25Wh Li-polymer battery). Real-world usage will depend on what you're doing, but to give you an idea, we cranked the brightness up all the way to 100 percent on both tablets and streamed a Netflix movie. After an hour, the VivoTab's battery was reduced by 15 percent and the MeMO by 18 percent.

With the brightness all the way up, you could squeeze close to 7 hours out of the VivoTab and around 5.5 hours out of the MeMO. If you're surfing the web on half brightness, battery life will easily last all day and then some. And if you're playing games, well, have a power source close by.

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