Asus LGA1156 P7P55D-E Pro Motherboard Review

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Performance Summary, Conclusion

Performance Summary: Asus P7P55D-E Pro offers all the standard features you'd expect on a motherboard in this price range and keeps pace with the other LGA1156 boards we've tested, falling within a couple of percentage points one way or the other in our series of benchmark suites. It also offers USB 3 and SATA 6G, although the former is arguably more useful, and the price is competitive with other boards in its weight class.

LGA1156 motherboards may not have quite the sizzle that their LGA1366 brethren do, but they offer nearly identical features at significantly improved prices. Asus' P7P55D-E Pro is a perfect example of an enthusiast board with the right sort of feature set, stability, and overclocking performance. We also like the fact that the board is carrying USB 3 and SATA 6G; these interfaces will both be ubiquitous in years to come. We'd recommend the P7P55D-E Pro to anyone looking for a good LGA1156 motherboard from a trusted manufacturer.

  • Good Price/Feature Ratio
  • Enthusiast-level BIOS Options
  • A few oddly-placed components
  • Small RAM quirks

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