ASUS EN9800GTX TOP Graphics Card

Closer Look at the EN9800GTX TOP

The EN9800GTX TOP looks like most other GeForce 9800 GTX cards that you have seen, because it follows NVIDIA's reference design almost to the letter. The only deviations from the reference design are the sticker on the cooler and the color of the PCB, which is black.

Like other GeForce 9800 GTXs, the EN9800GTX TOP is a beast of a card. It is longer than a standard ATX motherboard is wide, and it swallows up two expansion slots in a standard ATX case. With this size comes a lot of graphics power, and that graphics power requires quite a bit of electrical power. That is why you see two 6-pin PCI Express power connectors on the EN9800GTX TOP.  Although, in relation to the current cream of the crop, the GeForce 9800 GTX requires much less power.

A very cool feature that you should notice is the inclusion of two SLI connectors, which means the EN9800GTX TOP can be matched up with either one or two other EN9800GTX TOPs (or other GeForec 9800 GTX cards) for some dual or triple SLI action. As expected of high-end cards, the EN9800GTX TOP sports two DVI outputs in addition to an HDTV-out connector.

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