ASUS EN7800GT TOP Silent - GeForce 7800GT

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Overclocking the EN7800GT TOP Silent


We can't end this review without some overclocking, even if the card is already overclocked "out of the box." Most companies don't go all out on their factory overclocks. That's our job. After installing Coolbits, we started pushing up the core and memory clocks and checked for graphical anomalies along the way. Recall that the EN7800GT TOP Silent is already running at 420MHz for the core and 1.24GHz for the memory. We were able to take it up a bit further and reached a core clock of 460MHz and memory speed of 1.3GHz.

Overclocking the EN7800GT TOP Silent
(Silent Fast Video Card) + Overclocking = Still Quiet But Faster Card!



The EN7800GT TOP Silent was already impressive to us before we tried to overclock it, so seeing it overclock this well just makes it that much better. We don't recommend overclocking this card, though, unless you happen to have really good system cooling. The GPU already gets very hot, and the stock performance is more than adequate. Keep in mind that when overclocking, each individual card will show different results, so count on your overclocking experience being different from ours.

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