Asus Eee PC T91 Swivel-Screen Tablet Netbook

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Software and Accessories

As for software and accessories, you won't find a whole lot from Asus here. Granted, that's pretty much par for course when it comes to inexpensive netbooks, but at least Asus does toss in a padded sleeve that works great when trying to keep the T91 from getting scuffed up in your duffle bag. Within the brightly colored box, you'll find the Eee PC T91, a padded protective sleeve, an AC adapter, an AC plug, a 16GB SDHC memory card, a user CD and a user guide.

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On the software front, you'll find Asus' own Eee Dock and Eee Storage (10GB is available free of charge for a year and for a fee afterwards), applications loaded on Windows XP Home, while Skype, Adobe Reader 8, a trial of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Works round things out.

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Asus also includes its Super Hybrid Engine, which is an application that sits in the System Tray and enables users to easily switch from one power profile to another based on current usage scenarios.

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