ASUS CES 2009 Highlights

Lamboghini VX5, Eee Stick GMC-1, Graphics Cards

Ahh the Asus Lamborghini line, if you like your notebook with a sexy, racy edge, this machine is for you.  This time off the starting line, Asus is offering a 16" FHD panel, a Blue-ray drive option and a 2M pixel web cam. 



The VX5 is also built on Intel's new Centrino 2 platform for slightly better low-end gaming capability, but full HD video support.  It's a bit on the bulky side, but you've just got to love its style, build quality and sleek lines.  Next we spied the Eee Stick GMC-1.  We're not sure what makes this an "Eee" product but maybe it makes things Easy to work, play and learn, as the Eee moniker claims.  That's a tall order versus the venerable mouse or gamepad but the concept was interesting to say the least.

Finally, we finished off with a look at few more traditional Asus components...



On the top row we have the Intel X58-based Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard with their Triton 81 dual fan heatsink cooler installed., along side the AMD 790FX-based M4A79 Deluxe, ripe and ready for Phenom II.   On the bottom row is a more affordable P6T non-Deluxe variant without the SAS controller, followed by Asus Matrix 4800 series graphics cards (full performance evaluation coming shortly...) and the coveted P6T6 WS, with four fully connected X16 PCI Express slots.  We'll be taking a look at this board on the test bench in the near future as well.

That wraps up our CES 2009 coverage of all things Asus.  Be sure to stick around because we've got one more special treat courtesy of Microsoft coming your way in the next day or so.  Until that time, keep your geek on.

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