ASUS CES 2009 Highlights

Booth Video Tour, Eee PC S121, Asus Eee PC 1004DN

Though this year's CES was unusually quiet in terms of attendance, and even a few exhibitors pulling no-shows, Asus had a plethora of new high tech gadget goodness on display, true to their usual form. We stopped by the booth and spent some time on a tour with David Ray, Vivian Lien, Brian Jang and Peter Clark of Asus, who featured four spotlight products and also discussed the new Asus WePC program in detail.  If you've been tuning in regularly here, you would have noticed that is a guest author on the site, where you the reader can register and contribute your own ideas and creativity for your future ultimate notebook or netbook design and the kicker is, your concepts could very well end up in production with a new notebook product from Asus.

First we'll jump right into our video spotlight coverage and then you can pour through our image galleries below, along with some color commentary to help explain what you're looking at amongst this sea of new technology that Asus churns out like modern day Techno-Keebler Elves on a RedBull binge.

If there was a star of the show, other than the T91 Eee PC convertible tablet that David Ray covered in the video, it was the new S121 Eee PC.  It's a 12.1" LCD form-factor machine based on Intel's Atom E520 clocked at 1.33GHz.   The S121 is adorned with Swarovsky crytstals on each side of its hinges and has the option of up to a 500GB SSD for storage, so you know it's dialed for the higher end of the market.

Asus S121 Notebook

Perhaps more interesting is that the Asus S121 is also built on Intel's new US15W System Controller Hub, which is a low power chip that offers support for things like HD audio, but also offers full hardware acceleration of H.264, MPEG2, and VC1 HD video.  In short, though you wont be gaming much on the S121, you'll definitely be able to enjoy quality digital video content. And with a full-sized keyboard, you can actually type on this new notebook-quasi-netbook as well.

Asus Eee PC 1004DN

We then moved on to the Eee PC 1004DN which is the first Eee PC, a 10" variant, that actually sports a full DVD drive along with a full sized keyboard as well.  Unfortunately, the DVD ROM drive option probably won't be available in the US, unless you whine enough to your local Asus sales rep perhaps.

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