Asus 2400ET All-In-One Touch Desktop Review

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Performance Summary: The Asus ET2400 all-in-one is a great option for buyers who want a system that can handle multimedia tasks, but aren't interested in heavy gaming. In comparison to the last touch-enabled AIO PC we tested, the Asus ET2400's updated hardware offered substantially better performance. The system's Sandy Bridge-based quad-core Core i5-2400S processor offered strong CPU performance and the Radeon HD 6470M had enough oomph for some moderate gaming. The performance of the 23.6" LCD panel is also good enough for users who don't prioritize exact color reproduction and the integrated speakers are decent for a system of this type. The 6GB of RAM can be upgraded should users find themselves needing to do so, though we doubt this will be necessary anytime soon for users of a system of this type.

The Asus ET2400 is a great system with a few sub-optimal choices where accessories are concerned. The remote control and tiny wireless keyboard might look good but we would have preferred full sized input devices for a better day-to-day computing experience. The touchscreen, while very good in its own right, is of questionable value, however. It will no doubt appeal to some users, and Asus' included touch-powered software utilities are well done and useful. If you want a touch-enabled AIO PC, the Asus ET2400 would be a fine choice. Windows 7, however, doesn't handle touch too well, so the touchscreen loses some of its appeal when using standard desktop apps or cruising through the OS itself.
The Asus ET2400 AIO Touchscreen PC

Asus has done some good work here, but they're fighting and uphill battle trying to build attractive Windows 7 touchscreen devices at this point in time. Hopefully, the company will continue to refine its EEE Cinema software and proprietary touch-enabled apps and offer improved versions ready to launch hand-in-hand with Windows 8, which should be much more touch-friendly if early reports about the OS ring true when it arrives.

The touchscreen aside, the system's configuration is balanced and its internal components well-chosen. If you want an all-in-one with a long, useful lifetime ahead of it, the 2400IGTS is a good value. We'd just opt for different accessories, if such options were available.

  • Solid 1920x1080 display
  • Speedy response times
  • EEE Cinema Software Impressive
  • Discrete GPU


  • Just two audio outputs
  • Mobile Keyboard for desktop system

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