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Performance Analysis and Conclusion

Performance Analysis: We were quite impressed with the cooling prowess of Asetek's Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise Cooler.  Asetek has proven that you do not need to sacrifice performance in order to have a quiet system.  Their refined vapor chamber design delivered where it counts, offering excellent cooling, even when overclocking the CPU and running the fan at its lowest speed.  As the performance deltas have shown, in the most stressful of testing, this cooler can keep temperatures under control regardless of fan speed, however, temperature is only half of the equation.  "Low noise" was the real promise of the Vapochill Micro and we certainly agree, that the Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise cooler is very quiet.  In fact, we found the fan noise virtually imperceptible, only noticing a slight increase in noise when running full bore. 

When striving to build a virtually silent PC, choosing the right components is key.  In the case of CPU cooling, we found the Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise cooler with Fan Controller to exceed our expectations in virtually all fronts.  Aside from our feeling on the plastic shroud and fan mounting, the cooler made up for any shortcomings with its performance.  With its vapor chamber, the VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise CPU cooler didn't have to sacrifice performance to achieve a virtually silent experience.  In fact, quite the contrary.  The VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise cooler cooler offered significant performance improvements under load, solidly beating the noisier stock cooler.

The Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise cooler is the cheapest and quietest of three Micro Models offered by Asetek.  We'd have to say, as it stands now, the VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise Cooler is about as quiet an air cooler as we've seen to date.  Weighing in at a $60 price point, the Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise still falls in the affordable price range, and although it's a bit pricey for an air cooler its performance justifies the expense.

We give the Asetek Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise cooler with Fan Control a Hot Hardware Heat Meter of 9...

• Excellent Cooling Performance
• Near Silent at Low to Moderate Speeds
• Relatively Affordable
• Motherboard Removal not Necessary
• Shroud Has Cheap Feel
• Rear Mount Fan Control Hard to Access
• Fan Noise More Noticeable at Full Speed
• No Universal Mount
• Availability

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