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Introduction and Product Specifications

Whether you are contemplating building a standard desktop, multimedia PC or that killer gaming rig you've always wanted, one of the biggest things to consider today is noise.  There is a major shift in thinking lately, as a growing number of users, and companies alike, are tackling the problem of ambient noise in the quest for a quieter PC.  With video cards and CPUs increasing in clock speeds, so has the heat they generate, which often has stock coolers running faster and louder than they ever have before.  To combat this issue, we've seen some creative approaches to the noise problem.

With regards to video card cooling, we've seen custom two slot coolers as well as innovative fan-less designs that utilize heat-pipe technology to keep temperatures in check.  On the CPU front, the choices are broader, with a bevy of after market coolers available to fit virtually any situation.  For serious enthusiasts, there is the water cooled option as well as refrigerated units, an Asetek specialty, both of which carry a higher price tag and require more skill than standard cooler installations.

When we narrow the focus down to those looking for a near silent CPU cooler that won't break any budgets, Asetek's VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise CPU Cooler with Fan Controller fits the requirements nicely.  Capitalizing on their refrigerated cooling experience, Asetek has developed an economical CPU cooler whose number one focus is a drastic reduction of ambient noise.  Typically, combating ambient noise requires a sacrifice in performance in an effort to quell fan noise.  However, with a refined vapor chamber backed by a liquid bearing fan, the Vapochill Micro takes on today's stock coolers with a better, quieter design, without taking a performance hit in the process.

Specifications of Asetek's VapoChill Ultra Low Noise Cooler with Fan Controller
Quiet Cooling for the AMD Processor Line
Technical specifications for VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise
Dimensions (H×W×D):
139×98×50 mm – can be applied in most ATX midi and tower cases

278 g (355g incl. 92mm fan)

Thermal resistance:
0,32 K/W (full fan speed)

Noise level:
Fan speed regulator low setting: N/A (silent) Fan speed regulator high setting: <28 dB(A)

Application (form factor support):

The VapoChill Micro can be applied in most ATX midi and tower cases.
Tubes (H): 98 mm
Tubes (Ø): 13 mm

Base (Ø): 50 mm
Base (Thickness): 6 mm

Technical specifications for fan

Bearing Type:
Hydro wave Bearing

Input Current:
0.2 Amp.

Rated Speed:
2350 RPM

Air flow:
17.657 CFM

Life expectancy:
50000 hours

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The key component of the Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise CPU Cooler is its vapor chamber design.  With a three copper pipe design, cooling ribs, and R134a refrigerant, the Vapor Chamber allows liquid refrigerant to make very close contact to the CPU. 

As the CPU heats, the refrigerant boils and the vapor rises, drawing the heat to the top of the chamber.  As the fan draws heat away from the chamber, the refrigerant vapor condenses back to a liquid and settles to the bottom of the chamber.  This process continues in a constant cycle that is an economical and effective means for keeping CPU temperatures in check.

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