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Thermal Readings- Overclocked

Thermal Readings - Overclocked
Full Throttle Cooling

In our next segment, we focused on overclocked temperature readings.  Here we ran our CPU at the peak stable clockspeed, which we achieved by lowering the HyperTransport clock multiplier to 3X, and locking the memory at DDR400 and PCIe clock to 100MHz.  This helped us enure our limitations were with the CPU and not other components of the test system.  We then raised the clock generator to 242MHz which resulted in a CPU clock speed of 2.66GHz.

Once again, with our idle testing, the Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise cooler offered the best overall performance, settling in at 30C.  The stock cooler increased 1C versus stock CPU speed testings, balancing out at 32C.  Fan speeds were not a factor with idle overclocked testing.

Next, we loaded Prime95's torture test again and let the system run for a full 30 minutes before recording any temperature readings.  This is were the Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise shined.  At the lowest fan speed, the stock cooling ran 11C hotter than Asetek's offering, which averaged 49C.  When we set the fan speeds to their maximum settings, the stock cooler offered the biggest room for improvement, dropping 7C to 53C.  However, the Vapochill Micro came in with the lowest overall temperature of 45C, a full 8C cooler than stock cooling.

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