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Futuremark Tests - PCMark 2004 and 3DMark03

We used the latest versions of Futuremark's PCMark04 and 3DMark03 to look at system bandwidth and CPU performance of the AOpen AX4SG MaxII motherboard.  Both pieces of software were patched to their latest versions before they were run.


FutureMark's PCMark 2004
System Bandwidth


In the PCMark 2004 CPU and Memory benchmarks we're seeing a 22% and 18% increase in performance respectively at the oveclocked settings.  The two motherboards remain locked up at this point and seem to be right on par with each other performance wise.

FutureMark's 3DMark03
CPU Performance


The 3DMark03 scores tell the same story as we've seen from the previous benchmarks and that is both motherboards are running a tight race.  Interesting enough, the AOpen motherboard outpaces the ABIT motherboard at overclocked settings even though the ABIT motherboard is clocked higher.  In any event, we're seeing some nice performance improvements at the overclocked settings.


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