Antec Three Hundred Budget Gaming Case

Exterior Look

Exterior of the Antec Three Hundred
Great looks at a great price

Antec Three Hundred


The Antec Three Hundred has a similar overall construction to the Nine Hundred, yet it's missing some of what made the former model so special.  The angular construction, open side window, LED-lit fans - even the Big Boy 200 is missing from the budget-minded Three Hundred.  It stands 18" tall or about the same as the Nine Hundred minus the plastic modeling on top and weighs in at a mere 15.9 lbs.  Instead the Three Hundred offers up a much more standard look, featuring squared off edges, and it comes with only a single 120mm fan mounted along the rear, and a 140mm fan placed topside.  There are mounts for two front fans and a side fan as well, all sized to fit Antec's 120mm TriCool fans (naturally).


The front bezel is almost entirely perforated, allowing for ample air exchange between the interior and exterior of the Three Hundred.  A welcome addition is the washable air filter that is built-in.  We clamored long about the dust build-up of the Nine Hundred which came sans filters and we're glad to see that Antec took this to heart when designing the Three Hundred.


Large thumbscrews are used to keep chassis doors shut and also for installing hard drives.  As such, it's quite simple to get inside the Three Hundred made even more so by the raised handles on either door.  Rubber feet keep the case perfectly balanced and free from sliding around one's desk.  The outward appearance is minimalistic: all-black painted aluminum body with a plastic front bezel featuring two USB ports, audio and headphone jacks, and unobtrusive power and reset buttons.  The reset button's construction isn't perfect - a smallish button surrounded by plastic that is sometimes a bit hard to push in properly.  As shown in the photo, one of our USB ports was also a bit mangled, but this is most likely an isolated incident.

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