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WB 5.0: Windows Media Encoder 9 & LAME MP3

We continued our testing with WorldBench 5's Windows Media Encoder 9 module followed by LAME MP3.  In each test, times were recorded in seconds with lower times indicating better performance.

WorldBench 5.0: Windows Media Encoder 9 Module
More Digital Video Encoding

Rounding out the WorldBench 5 testing, we continued to see a similar picture with Window Media Encoder 9 testing as we did with the other two modules.  Once again, the Sempron 3400+ was the best performing processor followed by the Sempron 3300+.  We also continued to see a significant lag with the Celeron D, which was out-performed by all three Sempron processors by a minimum of 21 seconds when compared to the Sempron 3100+ and 73 seconds compared to the Sempron 3400+.  We also saw a slight advantage in favor of the Sempron 3400+ over the Sempron 3300+, adding up to 6 seconds overall.

LAME MP3 Encoding Test
Converting a Large WAV To MP3

LAME MP3 continued to show the dominance of AMD's Sempron processor line over the Celeron D.  The Sempron 3300+ beat the Celeron D 335 by 14 seconds, while the Sempron 3400 added 3 seconds to that difference.  Even the Sempron 3100+ running a full 1GHz slower than the Celeron D 335 managed to just beat the Intel chip by 4 seconds.

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