AMD Ryzen Review: Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X, And 1700 - Zen Brings The Fight Back To Intel

Blender Benchmarks And Clock-For-Clock Comparisons

Due to the fact that AMD caused quite a stir with its initial Blender benchmarks comparing Ryzen to the Core i7-6900K, we figured you’d all like to see some independent results in that benchmark as well. Some clock-for-clock comparisons are also in order, so we’ve compiled a few of those too, in some single and multi-threaded applications...

3D Rendering Benchmark


Although AMD's initial tests (with a custom model) had Ryzen outpacing the Core i7-6900K, our results using the BMW model that is publicly available on the website had the 1800X finishing just slightly behind. Still, for 1/2 the price, the Ryzen 7 1800X's performance is awesome. Its compatriots in the Ryzen line-up also performed very well, easily outpacing the Core i7-7700K. And note the massive increase in performance over the FX-9590.

Clock For Clock Comparisons
Single And Multi-Threaded Benchmarks

clock for clock 1

clock for clock 2

clock for clock 3

For this group of tests, we manually set each processors' multiplier and disabled features like Cool 'n Quiet (AMD) and Speed Step (Intel) to dial their frequency in to 3.5GHz.  In the encoding test, the Ryzen CPU trailed Intel's offering, but showed a huge gain over AMD's previous-gen architecture. 3DMark's multi-threaded physics test had Ryzen and the Core i7-6900K finishing right on top of each other. Finally, Cinebench puts Ryzen in the lead, in both the single and multi-threaded tests.

Although these results aren't all-encompassing of every type of application, initial testing puts AMD's IPC performance in a very good light.

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