AMD Ryzen 3 1300X And 1200 Processor Review: More Affordable Zen

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AMD Ryzen 3 - JetStream And LAME MT Tests

Next up, we have some numbers from the JetStream Benchmark Suite developed by WebKit. The JetStream Benchmark Suite uses a wide array of latency and throughput benchmarks to evaluate JavaScript performance, and all of the results are tabulated with roughly equal weighting. The benchmark measures both metrics of traditional JavaScript programming styles used on websites as well as new JavaScript-based technologies used on more modern, rich web applications. Scores in this benchmark are an indicator of the performance users would see when browsing and running advanced web applications.
JetStream JavaScript Benchmark
JavsScript Performance Testing
All of the systems were tested using the latest version of Microsoft's Edge browser, with default browser settings, on a clean install of Windows 10 Professional x64.


The JetStream benchmark doesn't fully utilize all of the available resources available in a multi-core processor, so having fewer cores and no SMT doesn't hold back the Ryzen 3 here. The 1300X and 1200 actually sandwiched the higher-end Ryzen 7 1700 in this test. The Intel processors have a clear advantage, however, thanks to the higher IPC of Kaby Lake and their higher boost frequencies.

Audio Conversion and Encoding
In our custom LAME MT MP3 encoding test, we convert a large WAV file to the MP3 format, which is a popular, day-to-day use case for many end users, to provide portability and storage of their digital audio content. LAME is an open-source mid to high bit-rate and VBR (variable bit rate) MP3 audio encoder that is used widely around the world in a multitude of third party applications.

In this test, we created our own 223MB WAV file and converted it to the MP3 format using the multi-thread capable LAME MT application in single and multi-thread modes. Processing times are recorded below, listed in seconds. Shorter times equate to better performance.


This is another test that utilizes only one or two processors cores, so having "only" four cores doesn't hinder Ryzen 3's performance relative to higher-end Ryzen processors. Once again we see them sandwiching the Ryzen 7 1700, though the Intel processors clearly led here.

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