AMD Radeon HD 6870 CrossFire with 5x1 Eyefinity

Radeon HD 6870 CrossFire Scaling (cont.)

Next up we have a few more game tests to see how well performance scales with Radeon HD 6870 cards running in CrossFire mode.

In the remaining tests, we again see the PowerColor Radeon HD 6870 2GB Eyefinity 6 Edition cards offering solid performance and good scaling when running in a two-card CrossFire configuration. In some cases, like Metro 2033 and Alien vs. Predator in particular, the games when from a just playable 30-ish frames per second, to a much more fluid and smooth 60-ish FPS.

To better show just how much the performance in each game improved, we’ve summarized them all here. Upgrading from a single card to two cards, with the applications we used for testing, resulted in a minimum performance increase of 82% and a max of 99% (a 100% improvement is the theoretical maximum, which unlikely to happen due to the overhead associated with the various complexities of running a multi-GPU setup).

Now that we’re clean that a pair of Radeon HD 6870 cards running in CrossFire can offer some serious performance using a single monitor, let’s see how they behave with five screens connected...

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