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Worldbench 5: Office XP and Photoshop 7

PC World Magazine's Worldbench 5.0 is a Business and Professional application benchmark.  The tests consist of a number of performance modules that each utilize one, or a group of popular applications to gauge performance. 

Worldbench 5.0: Office XP SP2 and Photoshop 7 Modules
Real-World Application Performance

Below we have the results from WB 5.0's Office XP SP2 and Photoshop 7 performance modules, recorded in seconds.  Lower times indicate better performance here, so the shorter the bar the better.

Worldbench 5.0's Office XP SP2 performance module reported similar scores for all of the platforms we tested. Obviously, high-end systems like these are more than capable of running any single-threaded "office-type" application, hence the fractional performance deltas separating all of the platforms here. 

The Photoshop 7.0 benchmark module had a much more pronounced spread. Because this test isn't multi-threaded though, there aren't any major differences in performance between the similarly clocked dual and quad-core systems. It's clear that the Intel-powered rigs had a marked advantage, however, thanks the Core 2's increased IPC and unified SmartCache technology.

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