AMD ATI FirePro Round-up: V7800, V4800, V3800

SiSoft SANDRA 2010

General purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) is the method of using a GPU for computations normally done by the CPU. The technique is made possible by adding programmable stages along with higher precision arithmetic to rendering pipelines, which allows the use of stream processing on non-graphical data.

SiSoft SANDRA 2010
GPU Number Crunching


SiSoft SANDRA is an information and diagnostic utility. It provides useful information about your hardware, software, and other installed devices. SANDRA gives you the ability to draw comparisons at both a high and low level. The SiSoftware GPGPU processing benchmark performs single- and double-precision floating point arithmetic on the GPU and the results are reported in pixels/s, i.e. how many pixels can be computed in 1 second.


The graphs above display GPGPU processing along with the memory bandwidth performance associated with it. In these tests, its clear that the current, high end FirePro model V7800 is more powerful than last year's ultra high end V8750 graphics card. The most impressive results come from the GPGPU processing test where the V7800's compute shader performance almost triples that of the V8750.

Moreover, SANDRA shows a greater separation between the V7800 and V4800 than displayed during our SPECview testing, and falls more in line with the price points ATI has presented. Looking at Compute Shader and Stream performance, the V7800 is more than 70% faster than the V4800.

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