AMD A10 and A8 Trinity APU: Virgo CPU Performance

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Media Encoding and Image Editing

Cyberlink's MediaEspresso is a video conversion tool that imports various video file types and converts them to other formats for publication, portability and/or streaming. In this test, we take a 277MB high definition 1080p AVCHD video clip and convert it to a an H.264 encoded MP4 compatible file designed for use with an iPhone / iPad (or other portable media playback device).

Cyberlink MediaEspresso
Video Transcoding and Compression

Here we're going to look directly at AMD's HD Media Accelerator in the new A10 and A8 series APUs and compare it to Intel's Ivy Bridge Quick Sync engine and competitive CPU-based solutions as well.

AMD's updated media accelerator offers a huge speed improvement over the CPU alone, but it can't come close to matching the performance of Intel's Quick Sync engine.

OpenCL Accelerated Image Editing

Musemage is a fully functional GPU-powered photo editing software suite. Thanks to the GPU accelerated filters built into the app, Musemage can leverage the additional performance afforded by a more powerful GPU and offer real-time (or near real-time) visual feedback. The application also offers a built-in benchmark, which output performance as a final "score". The score put up by each test system is represented in the graph below.

When AMD's A-Series APUs are able to leverage the additional performance offered by their relatively powerful integrated GPU's they put up some pretty good scores. Because the Intel processors have to handle the workload on their own, without assistance from a GPU, they lag behind AMD here.

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