AMD A10 and A8 Trinity APU: Virgo CPU Performance

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Late last week, we posted a glimpse of what AMD had in store with their latest A-Series APUs for desktop systems. In that article, we were able to officially unveil the Virgo platform and discuss speeds and feeds, GPU performance, and power consumption characteristics. However, we weren’t able to disclose any CPU performance numbers, overclocking data, or pricing. We know some of you aren’t too fond of cliffhangers that leave out important data like that, but thankfully we can give you all the full scoop here today.

In this piece, we’ll fill in the blanks regarding AMD’s latest desktop APUs and cover the rest of the performance characteristics many of you have been eagerly anticipating. We won’t, however, be covering the architectural details again. If you missed our previous coverage of Trinity, Piledriver, and the Virgo platform, please take a moment and peruse these previous HotHardware articles:

In those two articles, we cover all pertinent architectural details and features, spotlight AMD’s latest A-Series mobile platform and cover desktop A-Series GPU performance.

AMD A10-5800K and A8-5600K Socket FM2 A-Series APUs, Side-by-Side

We've had a couple of AMD's latest A-Series APUs in-house for a while now; more specifically the flagship AMD A10-5800K and the A8-5600K. Both of these APUs are quad-core variants, with 100W TDPs, and unlocked CPU and GPU multipliers for easier overclocking. AMD, however is also launching a host of other A-Series APUs, with varying features and specifications. The complete breakdown of the AMD A-Series APUs launching today is as follows:

As you can see, the A10-5800K is the top of the line model. It sports an integrated Radeon HD 7660D GPU with 384 active Radeon Cores, that run at 800MHz. There is 4MB of total cache on-board, and the CPU portion of the chip runs at a base clock of 3.8GHz which can Turbo up to 4.2GHz. The A8-5600K, however, is outfitted with an integrated Radeon HD 7560D, which has only 256 active Radeon Cores and a slightly lower frequency of 760MHz. The A8-5600K's CPU cores run at a base clock of 3.6GHz and Turbo up to 3.9GHz, but it has the same 4MB of total cache of its higher-end counterpart.

The other APUs in the new A-Series vary in their GPU configurations, core counts, clocks, and cache configurations. Also note that the "K" in certain model numbers denotes an unlocked APU, which offers more flexibility for overclocking. We'll have more on the subject of overclocking just a little later. First we have some benchmarks to talk about...

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