AMD 2013 A & E-Series Kabini and Temash APUs

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2013 Mobile APU Product Positioning

As we’ve mentioned, AMD’s got a few series of products launching today, that, while similar, target different form factors and market segments. There are new A-Series APUs, E-Series APUs based on Kabini, and A-Series Elite Mobility APUs based on Temash, all on the way.

We had a chance to test out an A4-5000 15W Kabini APU, and have some numbers to share with you on the proceeding pages. Before we get to the numbers, though, we should point out that the A4-5000 will be accompanied by a higher clocked A6-5200 and an array of E1 and E2 series parts as well. The respective core counts, frequencies, GPU configurations, and TDP’s, among some other details, are outlined in the chart above.

These new A-Series and E-Series parts are going to target mainstream and entry-level price points and go head to head with Intel’s more affordable Pentium and Celeron-class products in notebooks and small form factor systems. The somewhat higher-end A6-Series parts are poised to do battle with Core i3-class products in similar form factors. As you’ll see in the pages ahead, these targets seem realistic, at least as far as the performance of the A4-5000 is concerned.

AMD’s A-Series Elite Mobility APUs, which are built around the Temash SoC, have much lower thermal / power envelopes than their more mainstream counterparts. The high-end A6-1450 is a quad-core part with 1.0GHz/1.4GHz base/boost clocks and a TDP of only 8W. Coming in at the low-end is the A4-1200, a dual-core SoC clocked at 1GHz with a TDP just under the 4W mark.

You'll notice that all of these Kabini- and Temash- based products feature the same number of Radeon Cores—128 to be exact. GPU performance between the parts is differentiated by frequency. The lowest-clocked part has a GPU frequency of 225MHz, while the highest-clocked part has a 600MHz GPU clock. As we mentioned earlier, the GPUs fused with Temash and Gabini are based on AMD’s GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture and offer all of the features of higher-powered Radeon HD-branded discrete GPUs.

And here we have the list of Richland ULV-based A-Series APUs due to arrive soon. These parts fall under the 2013 AMD Elite Performance A-Series APU umbrella and target higher performance (and higher power) thin and light mobile platforms.

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