Dell Alienware Area-51 Core i7-980 X Infused Gaming PC

Cinebench R10

Cinebench R10 is an OpenGL 3D rendering performance test based on Cinema 4D from Maxon. Cinema 4D is a 3D rendering and animation tool suite used by 3D animation houses and producers like Sony Animation and many others. It's very demanding of system processor resources and is an excellent gauge of pure computational throughput.

Cinebench R10
3D Renderi

Cinebench is a multi-threaded, multi-processor aware benchmark that renders a single 3D scene and tracks the length of the entire process. The rate at which each test system could render the entire scene is represented in the graph below.

Here it was no contest for the Area-51 and its overclocked Core i7-980X processor in the multi-threaded instance of this benchmark.  Cinebench R10 favors the Alienware Area-51 by a 35% performance advantage for the multi-threaded test but rates the system on par in single-threaded performance to the like clock speeds of the overclocked Core i7 920 processor in the Origin system. 

Update - 3/23/10 - 4:30PM EST:  We also decided to toss in a set of 4.3GHz numbers with the Area-51, just to show you how far we could push the machine and its upside potential.  It was completely stable through several rounds of testing at this speed.  These scores are easily the fastest we've seen from any desktop processor configuration to date.

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