Albatron's GeForce4 Ti4800SE

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Albatron's GeForce4 Ti4800SE
Powerful Graphics on a Budget

By - Jeff Bouton
March 26, 2003


More OpenGL Benchmarks with Serious Sam: TSE
"Serious" OpenGL Performance.

To bring the benchmarks to a close, we ran a few rounds of Croteam's Serious Sam -The Second Encounter.  This is another popular application for testing a video card's OpenGL prowess.  When the dust settled, the Albatron Ti4800SE did a fine job holding its own against the older Ti4600.  Even at the highest resolution, the Ti4800SE posted a solid 86.9FPS.


The Albatron Ti4800SE is a fine video card that has proven to be competent performer.  This card did a good job at competing with the Ti4600.  The bundle was very complete, and we were pleased by the cooling solution.  Unfortunately,  the GeForce 4 product line simply doesn't fare well when compared to the latest ATi solutions at the same price point.  With that said, it is difficult to recommend the Albatron Ti4800SE over a Radeon 9500, which offers better performance, and full DX9 functionality.  We found a Radeon 9500 selling for about $20 less than the Albatron Ti4800SE's $178 price tag at  The Albatron Ti4800SE is still a fine card, however.  There are still some that are loyal to NVIDIA GPUs and from what we have seen it is clear Albatron builds a very fine product.  We compared to other Ti4800SEs, Albatron's product is very appealing, but the simple fact is there are better alternatives available.  We give the Albatron Ti4800SE a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of a 7.0.


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