Albatron's GeForce4 Ti4800SE

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Albatron's GeForce4 Ti4800SE
Powerful Graphics on a Budget

By - Jeff Bouton
March 26, 2003


OpenGL Benchmarks with Quake 3 Continued
32-Tap Anisotropic Filtering!

In the next few tests, we'll attempt to assess the Albatron's capabilities with varying degrees of Anisotropic Filtering enabled.  First we'll take a few runs with 32-Tap Anisotropic Filtering enabled (4X in NVIDIA's drivers).

Once again we see the test becoming limited by the CPU of the test machine at 1024x768, with both cards turning in scores within 1 FPS of each other.  At 1600x1200, the gap widened by 5FPS, with the Ti4800SE posting a very nice 98.2FPS.

Next up, 64-Tap Anisotropic Filtering.

OpenGL Benchmarks with Quake 3
64-Tap Anisotropic Filtering!

At 1024x768, it was a dead heat between the Ti4800SE and the Ti4600.  Once the resolution was increased to 1600x1200, we saw the Ti4800SE slip a mere 5 FPS to the Ti4600. Now that we've covered Quake 3 with more than enough detail, let's get more serious...with Serious Sam that is...


Some Serious Sam: TSE and Final Words...


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