Albatron's GeForce4 Ti4800SE

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Albatron's GeForce4 Ti4800SE
Powerful Graphics on a Budget

By - Jeff Bouton
March 26, 2003


More DirectX with UT2003
Fraggin' Gorgeous!

One of the newest DirectX test to join the ranks of the benchmarking elite is Unreal Tournement 2003.  We set up the Antalus Fly-by Demo to show how the Ti4800SE held up with one of the newest DirectX titles available.

At 1024x768, the Albatron Ti4800SE was outpaced by about 13 FPS when compared to the older, more powerful Ti4600.  The performance delta increased slightly at 1280x960, with the Ti4600 pulling ahead by about 14 FPS.  The benefit of the Ti4600's higher core and memory clock speeds are clearly demonstrated with a taxing benchmark like UT2003.

OpenGL Benchmarks with Quake 3
The OpenGL Granddaddy of Them All!

As far as OpenGL benchmarks go, there has never been a program more popular than Quake3.  Surely as the years have passed, the game has begun to report triple digit scores at even the highest of resolutions, leaving the results a bit ambiguous to some.  Anyone who frequently reads video card reviews knows a good score when they see one, and that is why Quake 3 is still around.  With that said, let's take a look and see how the Albatron card performed at both stock and overclocked speeds versus the Ti4600.

As with the other benchmarks we've seen up to this point, the scores are clearly CPU limited at 1024x768.  Even while overclocked, the Ti4800SE only added 10FPS to its score, nudging past the eVGA Ti4600 by 3FPS.  Once the resolution was increase to 1600x1200, the gap widened.  At the default clock speeds, the Ti4800SE was outpaced by 25FPS.  When we overlcocked the card however, the Albatron Ti4800SE ended up beating the older model by 17FPS.

Next we'll stress these cards a little further with a few levels of Anti-aliasing...


More Quake3 with a Side of AA


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