ADATA Premier Pro SP920 SSD Family Review

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: In the conclusion to our M550 review, we said, “We can’t speak to the lower-capacity drives in the series, but the Crucial M550 1TB and 512GB 2.5” drives we tested here offered strong performance, virtually across the board. The drives performed particularly well with 4K transfers, especially at higher queue depths. Sequential reads and writes were also among the best we’ve seen in a variety of tests, access times were very good, and performance remained consistent regardless of the compressibility of data being transferred.” All of that remains true with the ADATA SP920 Premiere Pro family of drives, though we now have a clearer picture of how lower capacity drives perform too. As you saw on the previous pages, the 128GB and 256GB drives perform similarly to the higher capacity drives in read operations, but write performance is significantly lower.

The ADATA Premiere Pro SP920 SSD Family - Find Them @ Amazon

The ADATA Premiere Pro SP920 series of solid state drives may not use any proprietary technology, like Intel’s or OCZ’s recent SSD offerings, but that doesn’t detract from them in our opinion. These new ADATA drives use a Marvell controller that has proven to be reliable and overall performance is top-notch in light of competing drives.

ADATA has set the MSRPs of the Premiere Pro SP920 series as follows:

  • 128GB: $89.99 ($.70 per GB)
  • 256GB: $159.99 ($.62 per GB)
  • 512GB: $334.99 ($.65 per GB)
  • 1TB: $529.99 ($.50 per GB)

Although we expect street prices to drift downward once availability ramps up, even at those MSRPs these drives are price competitively. The lower capacity drives aren’t quite as attractive in terms of cost per GB (at roughly $0.62 - $0.65 per GB), but the 1TB model is price very aggressively at about $.50 per GB, especially considering its performance and the fact that ADATA includes useful accessories and Acronis imaging software.

We dug ADATA’s Premiere Pro SP920 series of drives and think they’re solid offerings in the current SSD landscape. If you’re in the market for an SSD, and want to get the best deal possible, the ADATA Premiere Pro SP920 series of drives perform well and are priced competitively.


  • Strong Performance
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Useful Accessory Bundle with Acronis
  • Price Per GB of Lower Capacity Drives.

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