Actiontec MegaPlug AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter

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Performance Analysis and Conclusion

Performance Summary:    We recorded notable improvements in both range and transfer speeds using the Actiontec MegaPlug AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter versus a standard 802.11g connection.  However, the claim of 200Mbps doesn't match test results, as the synthetic tests recorded a maximum theoretical connection speed to the host machine of somewhere between an 802.11g connection and 100Mbps.  In our real-world transfer test, however, we did see throughput nearly double that of the 802.11g connection.  As the idea of this adapter is to eliminate the need to drape wires all over your house, it certainly works as advertised, and without any drops in connectivity.

Setup was flawless and simple.  Basically you can run the MegaPlug AV 200 right of of the box with no issues.  Additionally, unlike wireless, there was never an issue with dropped signals or lost connectivity.  If you've ever watched your wi-fi connection, particularly on 802.11n, you will see it fluctuate up and down significantly.  However, although it's understandable that you cannot use a surge suppressor / power strip with the adapter, this small shortcoming can make it difficult to find a good location to install the adapter.

For those who are looking for a bit more mobility without the aggravation the Wi-Fi brings, this is a great option for the Small-Office-Home-Office market.  Relatively speaking the kit is not cheap.  Retail price is $169.99 though it appears street prices can be found as low as $140, including shipping.  So you'll pay for the added stability and performance that the MegePlug AV 200 brings but in our estimation, especially as an alternative to re-wiring with RJ45 cables, it's worth it.

  • Super-simple to install and use
  • Solid connection with no drops vs. wireless 
  • Can configure encryption settings if necessary
  • Must use a bare outlet (no surge suppressor)

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