Actiontec MegaPlug AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter

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Real World Transfer Tests

In our second round of bandwidth testing, we timed the process of copying a large file to and from a server to demonstrate the performance of the Actiontec MegaPlug AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter. 

In this test, a shared folder was created on a workstation with a 700MB AVI in that folder.  Next, we copied the file from our desktop to the laptop, with all commands initiated at the laptop.  When this test was complete, we copied the file back to the workstation.  Tests were run with the Actiontec adapter as well as with our laptop's integrated 54Mbps Wireless adapter.


With the Laptop-to-Server test, it took 303.97 seconds to transfer 700MB of data on the 802.11g connection, compared to 167.88 seconds with the Actiontec connection.  When we break it down a bit further, knowing 700MB to be a constant, we can convert the performance to megabytes per second followed by megabits per second and then calculate the average speed at which the file was transferred.

Laptop WiFi to Server Test @ 54Mbps:
700MB / 303.97 sec = 2.30MB/s
2.30MB/s x 8-bits (8 bits to a byte) = an average speed of 18.40Mbps.

Actiontec MegaPlug AV 200 connection via Laptop to Server test:
700MB / 167.88 sec = 4.16MB/s
4.16MB/s x 8-bits (8 bits to a byte) = an average speed of 33.28Mbps.

The improvement in performance with the Actiontec hardware was nearly double that of 802.11g. 

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